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The Story

Meet Professor Layton, world-renowned archeologist and puzzle enthusiast. His friend and mentor, Dr. Andrew Schrader, has mysteriously passed away upon taking possession of the mysterious Elysian Box. The only clue is a train ticket to the Molentary Express, found at Dr. Schrader’s home. With his trusty assistant Luke in tow, Professor Layton must board the Molentary Express—unaware of the secrets that await.

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The Characters

The Characters
  • Professor Layton
  • Luke
  • Flora
  • Andrew Schroeder
  • Inspector Chelmey
  • Anthony
  • Katia
  • Sam
  • Nigel

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Layton & Luke

This dynamic pair have tackled some of the toughest mysteries around the world with their query-cracking skills. Professor Layton is recognized throughout the globe for his keen sleuthing sense, and his assistant Luke is quite the problem solver in training! Together they approach each puzzle that comes their way with sharp wits and determination.

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Katia & Anton

Hailing from the mysterious town of Folsense, Anton’s shadowy motives are unknown. Katia comes from the farming village of Dropstone, where her father is quite the bigwig. Word on the street is that she is none too happy with her father these days. You will learn more about these important figures throughout the course of your adventure.

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