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Ponder the Puzzles

Over 150 unique puzzles await gamers both young and old. Each puzzle is carefully woven into the story—just one small piece of the epic mystery. You’ll find yourself all wrapped up in Professor Layton and Luke’s adventures!

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The Tiled Box

Look carefully at the two boxes shown—they are the same box shown from two different angles. Each face has a unique image gracing its surface. Take a gander at the visible faces, and see if you can reassemble the pattern of the box yourself.

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The Warped Wheel

In the back of the train yard, there’s an old, warped wheel lying on the ground. While no longer functional, the wheel is interesting because, when rolled on a flat surface, its axle traces a funny pattern if you look at it from the side. Can you figure out the crooked path of the axle?

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It’s a Wrap

Working at a flower shop, it’s your job to wrap your customers’ purchases nicely before you hand them over. In order to wrap the flower just like the included drawing, how should you begin your wrapping?

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Stacked Glasses

The owner of a four-star restaurant assigns a young waiter the task of stacking glasses in a decorative manner. Eager to please, the young waiter immediately draws five separate designs and shows them to the owner. The owner takes one glance at the designs and, with a look of irritation says, “This design is preposterous! What were you thinking?” Which of the five designs is the owner talking about?

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Trees in the Forest

This forest contains four different types of trees. You will need to draw dividers in the forest so that you form four different sections. Each section should contain one of each type of tree, and all the trees must be connected either horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally.

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